An apparel company founded on the principles of believing in oneself and coming face to face against adversity and having the will to persevere. Hercules’s first task was to slay the Nemean Lion, where he was thought to be set up for failure by many. Legend has it that the Nemean Lion was a scary vicious lion and a formidable foe with impermeable fur. Hercules gathered his bow and arrows and set off to slay the Nemean lion. Hercules wandered for many days before he came to the cave of the Nemean lion. Hercules hid behind a rock waiting for the lion to return home. Later in the evening the lion returned home. Hercules jumped out from his hiding and shot the lion with his bow and arrow. Hercules was shocked and surprised when the arrow hit the lion and bounced off. Hercules ran and the lion chased him into the cave. In the dark of the cave Hercules wrestled the lion and eventually slayed the lion with his bare hands. King Eurystheus told Hercules he was to bring back the pelt of the Nemean lion as proof of completing his task, but when Hercules tried to remove the lion's fur he could not cut it. Hercules sharpened his knife with a rock and tried again, he even tried the rock, but nothing would cut the lions fur, eventually Hercules used the lions own claws to remove the fur. This is the mindset that NEMEA instills in all of its costumers through world class apparel and accessories. from the founders’ instinct and hunger to strive and succeed, to Hercules’s courage to complete the task at hand no matter how frightful. NEMEA will always root for the underdog in the fight and encourage to always be bold, humble in victory, and gracious in defeat.


NEMEA not only believes in every individual having a voice to be heard, but the duty to give back to those in need. NEMEA is at the heart of every community and charitable organization. it is our passion to provide consumers with quality service and products as well as giving back to charities in the form of a percentage from every transaction made through our website.


“Timid souls are those who neither know victory nor defeat. Who lack the courage to pick up their spear and hunt for what they desire or believe in. Conquer your lion.”